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As far as I can remember I was bullied in school for being the fat kid I even wizard of oz ruby slippers demo got the nickname beef when I was around maybe 7 years old. Things didn’t change much as I got into secondary school either I also remember a teacher saying to me I must do some exercise to be fit and healthy planet 777 in front of my friends who just laughed of course this made me want to do the complete opposite to what he said. Secondary school was also when the bulling carried on just from different people now but also this also started at home by my mum’s alcoholic boyfriend. Being called a dickhead daily and that I would be a nothing as I got older and that I was a waste of space most nights I would cry myself to sleep. my mum never there due to working to keep food on the table and my undiagnosed adhd and dyslexia lead me to fail everything and getting kicked out of sixth form and collage. Though all this my weight never changed my relationship with food was just eat everything and anything. Daily I would go to the cake shop on my way to school only about 20 minutes after eating a whole bowl of cereal there I would buy 4 cakes and eat them before I even got to school. I would eat all day every day and my exercise was working my thumbs playing goldeneye.


I have a lot to thank my best mate for even if he doesn’t know it as he led me to the path of health and fitness without me even knowing I was going there. I remember one day he said to me jokingly come on fat boy lets join the gym, and so I did, I didn’t don’t know why because in school I never once went to p.e or done any sport, every lessons I would bunk off or just refuse to bring my sports kit. Once I joined the gym I loved it and went daily this then lead to getting a job at the gym and started my fitness career.


During around this time my dad passed away which lead me to a lot of resentment, regret and depression as well as all the abuse from my childhood this then turned into me hating myself and going down a path of the weekend warrior of self-destruction though drinking and drugs to keep that pain inside away and using it as a release to maintain my composer though the week.


The one main thing that kept me on some form of track was the fact I had a job at he gym which I loved I still went at least 5 days a week. Once I cleaned myself up and went straight edge I started focusing more on my diet this would always yoyo as I would get obsessed with things and again either eat everything or not eat anything this would lead me to either 6 months of being lean and hungry then 6 months fat and stuffed this cycle carried on for years and years.


It wasn’t until in studied in Australia that I found how to mange my food an exercise balancing out everything in moderation and understanding where to place foods to maximise results I slowly starting getting things on track but things soon took a turn for the worst as my childhood demons returned and I battled major depression and anxiety the toughest part was I didn’t know what was triggering it all. Struggling to get out of bed, having thoughts of wanting to kill myself daily, blaming others about my own feelings stuff was crazy. The one main thing that kept my semi sane was going to the gym working out had saved my life for theThere are many writing services that supply essay help at inexpensive prices. This help can come in the form of custom essay writing, editing and proofreading. The writing services operate across the clock to ensure that every pupil gets their newspaper written in a manner that is professional. Their editing support also ensures that the student receives custom writings a draft to be submitted for grade.

second time. Though therapy, focusing on my diet and my health I fund I was able to balance out and you can see this from my results yourself. Of course, I still struggle with things as everyone does but my passion to help others who have been in similar place in life of just need help to become a better version of themselves has brough me though to a better place. What I have learnt though life experience and working with hundreds of clients from England, Australia and now Sweden.