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Training Classes

Burn Fat with Intense Cardio Exercise. (I.C.E)
Train a handful of times per week and turn your body into a Fat Melting MACHINE…
We don’t train for fitness, we train for FAT LOSS!
Most attempts at cardio wipe out any https://it.medadvice.net/ chance of body shape improvements. I’m sure you know lots of people that spend hours in the gym or on the treadmill and they never change! ICE is a science-based approach that maximizes fitness & fat loss!


Nutrition is essential in achieving your weight goals. Nutritional quality dictates health, energy,
and vitality. Moreover performance, recovery and intensity will give you the adaptations your
body needs to gain results. Therefore, it is important that we match our exercise to nutrition.
Nutrition is key in your transformation program.

Active Release Therapy

Active release technique (ART) treats your body’s soft tissue by combining manipulation and movement. The technique’s been around for more than 30 years.
ART entails identifying, isolating, and targeting the affected area to break up scar tissue. This promotes blood flow and faster healing of injuries. ART can be used to treat problems with your: